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Freelancer or Design agency?

For clients wondering whether hiring a freelance graphic designer is better than working with a design agency or vice versa, here are a few key benefits of each approach: Benefits of working with a self-employed graphic designer: Pricing: Let’s start with the one benefit you will likely care about most – cost. Generally, Freelancers can …

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An explanation of raster versus pixel based graphics

During the many years I have worked as a graphic designer I have encountered the following question a lot from clients – ‘Why can’t the tiny photo on my website be blown up and used on my billboard? (or some other large format application). The reason why some images can scale up in size without …

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What’s the point in providing a design brief?

In short, a design brief is a blueprint for your project which provides a clear set of expectations and goals. There are several good reasons why any graphic design project needs a detailed design brief. Firstly, it spells out exactly what you want to achieve. Secondly, it acts as a point of reference for everyone …

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