There are many things I am afraid I cannot do. For example, I am yet to master the art of juggling. I own two guitars, but can barely manage a single chord. And, if you car breaks down, you should run a mile if you see me heading your way with a wrench.

However, what I can do very well, is graphic design. For over 20 years I have honed my skills and plied my trade. That equates to roughly 48,000 hours spent researching, conceptualising, evaluating, crafting, and learning from my mistakes. If I had spent that long with a guitar in my hands, it is probably fair to assume that I could manage to strum a decent chord or two by now.

Persuasive communication occurs by design.

A graphic designer uses text, illustrations, icons, photos, textures, colours and type to create print and web-based design solutions for business. Designers are essentially visual problem-solvers.

Graphic design is all around you.

From the time you wake up you are constantly surrounded by the work of a graphic designer. Your cereal box, the email promoting a fashion sale you read on the bus, the catalogue in your mailbox, and the menu at your favourite lunch spot; all of these things have been crafted a graphic designer.

Let’s create something wonderful!

I have created high-impact marketing material for hundreds of brands. I have the experience and expertise to elevate your brand, whenever and however your customers access it.